Friday, 27 June 2014

Child Support

While I was sitting on a bench enjoying the sunshine, I eavesdropped a conversation a young man was having. He mentioned the CSA (Child Support Agency). He was complaining to whoever he was chatting to about paying child support.

The CSA was set up to ensure kids received financial support and maintenance from their parents. I agree, in principle, with the idea. Kids are a huge responsibility. If you're going to have them, you have to take full responsibility for their care whether you raise your kids together as a family unit or not.

It got me thinking about the Creator of the Universe. It's not enough for the Creator to just set up the Universe and leave His children to fend for themselves, we must demand that He takes full responsibility.

He who gives us the power of thoughts must teach us how to use them.
He who gives us needs and desires must fulfill those desires or show us how to manifest them.
He who gives us life must sustain us and provide for all our needs.

I demand and expect constant support from the Creator at all times.


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