Monday, 2 June 2014

Free Wifi

When I noticed I wasn't getting free Wifi at home, which I'm supposed to receive, I asked my brother about this. He noticed a message which kept saying the Wifi was being authenticated but not connecting. He tested his phone to see if he could connect it to the Wifi and it did. He suggested I phone my mobile provider to see if they were blocking me from receiving free Wifi at home.

The mobile provider customer assistant I spoke to told me it is not their policy to prevent their customers from receiving free Wifi at home if you're entitled to it. He said he's had a similar problem before and suggested I switch off and switch on my phone and the hub and see if it works. It didn't. My brother thought there was probably a problem with my phone since his phone could connect to the Wifi. In my thoughts, I prayed for my phone to be connected. I tried it again and the phone was connected, which meant I can have free Wifi at home.

I believe being able to receive free Wifi is rather like being connected to Source where all our unlimited good come from. I believe it is our Divine Right to be connected to and receive from Source but our human programmes lead us to believe that we have to earn our good.

How do you "reconnect" to Source?

Ignore the human programmes and keep reminding yourself that you are always connected to Source or ask for the "blocks" to be removed.

I am one with Source now and forever!


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