Friday, 20 June 2014

Love is Always the Answer

I believe the underlying cause of all problems is fear, which then leads to the secondary cause i.e. fear of one thing or another.

Some examples of fear of one thing or another are:

Fear of accidents, aging, attack, boredom, death, disaster, failure, lack, life, loneliness, loss, love, pain, people, poverty, rejection, relationships, sickness, success, war etc.

What you fear, you end up attracting to you or repelling from your experience.

How do I dissolve fear?

By constantly acknowledging boundless, free and limitless Love as the only Cause, Power, Presence and Source, which dissolves the fear. Where there is no fear, the effects of fear dissolve into nothing as there is no longer the energy to sustain them.

In other words: No fear = no effects of fear.

I find working with affirmations very effective. My favourite affirmations are:

Love is all there is.
There is no fear in love.
Love casts out all fear.
Thank you, Love.

Love then does the work of healing, releasing, restoring and supplying the need.

Let's say I am feeling pain or unwell. I see the pain or sickness as manifestations of fear. I then acknowledge/affirm Love's presence and trust in Love to dissolve the fear.

The cause of all problems is fear.

The solution to all problems is acknowledging Love as the only Cause, Power, Presence and Source.

Love is all there is.


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