Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Sweets and Treats

When I saw a man who lives in the neighbourhood with his beautiful Labrador dog, I crossed over the road to say hello and stroke the dog who was lying down. He said because his dog suffers from Arthritis, she has to take constant rests while they're on their walks.  While I was stroking the dog, she rolled over on her back so I could stroke her tummy. The man said she was pretending he hasn't got anything better to do than hang out with her. 
He said they were on their way to an elderly neighbour's house where he usually leaves his dog in her garden while he's at work. I told him I know that neighbour and she's lovely. She often gives me bags of sweets and chocolates.  The last time I saw her, she asked me to go round for some more but I haven't got round to it as yet.
"Yes, her house is filled with nothing but sweets and dog treats," my friend said.
After I said goodbye to my friend and his dog, I got thinking about our nature as pure joy manifested in human forms as sweets and treats. 
As babies, we all start off being nothing but joy. As we are conditioned by various beliefs and programming, a lot of us forget our nature as joy.  I have observed as people get older, a lot of them let go and revert to being pure joy.
There's no need to wait to get older to be sweets and treats.  We are sweets and treats now.
The world is instantly transformed into a wonderful place when we remember our nature as sweets and treats.