Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Power of Belonging

We tend to be willing to give help to and receive help from people who we belong to or belong to us.  When you see yourself as belonging to a particular family, nationality, race, religion, social group, etc then you are open to receive help from them. 
What about those who are not in your family, social circle, nationality, race, religion, etc.  How do you reach out to them?
By expanding your sense of belonging?  You have to see everyone as belonging to you; see everyone as your brothers and sisters or part of you.  Only then are you open and willing to give and receive help.
When you know you belong to God, it is His responsibility to constantly look after you and sustain you.  And because He belongs to you as your Father/Mother/Source, you are open to receive all that He has to give.
I belong to God and God belongs to me.