Thursday, 5 June 2014

When Things Come too Easy

In an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation called Hide and Q, the omnipotent being Q, pays the Enterprise crew a visit. To amuse himself, Q transports part of the crew to some reality to take part in a war game. Q also offers Commander Riker God-like powers. Riker believes that his new powers won't change him but the Captain is doubtful and advises Riker to refrain from using his powers. Riker believes he can use his powers to help others which he demonstrates by bestowing gifts on the bridge crew.

Riker transforms Wesley from a teenager to a young man ten years older; gives Geordi perfect eyesight; and gives Worf a Klingon mate. None of them are happy with their "gifts": Wesley tells Riker he prefers to grow up on his own merit; Geordi prefers to remain blind and depend on his visor; and Worf says he has no place in his life for a Klingon mate. Even Data, the Android, rejects Riker's gift to feel human emotions even though he's always been curious about what it's like to be human.

What I found fascinating about that episode is the human programming clearly at work i.e. why should things come easy when you haven't earned it or learned many lessons. In other words, no pain, no game!

I believe life isn't meant to be a struggle; it's meant to be easy. So if someone offers me my heart's desires without having to strive for them, I will be more than happy to receive, thank you very much.


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