Thursday, 3 July 2014

Bag Lady

I have observed where there is a genuine love for something, you will keep getting more and more of what you love. What you do with your love overflow is up to you.

"Look what I got as a free gift!" my mother showed me a green rucksack. Inside the rucksack, was the same colour bum bag.

"Why do they keep sending me bags?" she continued.

"Well, you like bags, remember?" I said. "God has not only sent you more bags but in the colour green you love."

"Oh yes, I shouldn't complain, I should be grateful," mum said. "Thank you, God, for sending me more bags!"

My mother once shared a story about these beautiful pair of shoes she fell in love with, one of many she has loved as she also loves shoes.  The shoes cost £75 which, in the early 1980s, was a lot of money. She couldn't justify spending all that money when she had 3 mouths to feed.  She said she stared longingly at them and even felt the shoes pulling at her but she refused to succumb to temptation.

A few weeks later, she noticed the shop had a sale where everything was half prize. She could now afford her shoes.  They only had one pair in her size.  She was delighted to discover that the price had been further reduced from £35 to £15.   Mum said she really loved those shoes and enjoyed wearing them.  She eventually gave them away to someone else who loved shoes.

Back to my mother's free gifts.  As the rucksack is not really her cup of tea, she's decided to pass her love overflow to me.

Nice one!


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