Thursday, 17 July 2014

Being the Light at the End of the Tunnel

Light at the End of Tunnel by E Joseph 2014

Yesterday, during a long walk, I was inspired to take a photograph of a tunnel. The edited photo reminded me of the proverbial, "light at the end of the tunnel." (See photo above).

I believe the tunnel represents lack, limitations and man-made problems; and light is my true self and source that has the solution to all problems.

Whenever I am faced with a tunnel situation, it's a perfect opportunity to shine my light, as I am inspired, in order to dissolve, resolve or transmute the situation.

I went for a reluctant walk earlier today. I say "reluctant" because I wasn't in the mood as it was too hot and stuffy, but my Inner Voice suggested a walk to start my day. He said it will help me relax me as I was feeling a bit tense. I protested that I had stuff to do and didn't have time for a walk, but the Voice suggested it will only be a quick walk by the river. Before I'd even agreed, I felt a force taking over my legs and walking me towards the river.  I figured I might as well go with the flow.  The Voice was right, I do feel relaxed during my walks and I always get inspiration too.

So while I was walking by the river, I noticed a coot pecking another coot rather viciously. A baby coot, swimming behind them, was squawking loudly and seemed really distressed by the situation. I  decided to shine my light in that "tunnel." I was inspired to keep staring at the coots while repeating "peace" to myself.  I felt peace radiating from me and enfolding all the birds. The coot stopped pecking the other and peace was restored in that part of the river.

So now it made sense why I had to go for that walk.

The thing about shining my light is I never know how I am going to act in any given situation. I simply follow my heart.

One time when I spotted two water birds squabbling, I was inspired to visualise a ball of light in my hand and toss the ball at them. That was also very effective in restoring order.

Once when I saw two men fighting in the street, I was inspired to visualise a heart shape around both men. Another man quickly broke up the fight.

By the way, I really did enjoy the walk and I felt really relaxed.  I also learned a new way to express my light.

May we all shine our light in the various "tunnels", as we are inspired.


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