Thursday, 24 July 2014

Let's Work Together for a Wonderful World!

"Seeing with Love" by Enocia. Effects created at Funny Photos

"To change the picture you must change the sight that produced the picture." -- Mary Baker Eddy
If everyone in their essence is perfect, why are there conflicts in the world? Why is it that I find some people very easy to love but not so easy with others?

When I woke up this morning, I looked out of the window and noticed the recycling lorry outside. Today is the day they collect recycling and waste from our neighbourhood. The sign on the recycling lorry read: "Let's recycle together."

It got me thinking how the Universe is always working with us to either make the world a wonderful place to live in or not.

Back to my original questions. I believe everyone is perfect but my vision (thought that I hold of them in mind) influences the kind of relationships I have with them.

If I think of or see someone as cold, they will prove it and act cold towards me.

If I think of or see someone as easygoing and fun, they will prove it and be easygoing and fun to be with.

If I go round thinking that the world is a loving and safe place (regardless of what pictures the media is portraying), the world is going to prove it for me and be loving and safe.

For instance, while I was taking a walk in the woods, my feet brushed against some nettles and started stinging. I thought to myself: "I don't believe you! Love is all there is and plants cannot harm me!" The stinging instantly stopped. On the way back, while I was walking on the same path, my feet brushed against the same nettles and I was fine.

I used to have a fear of wasps as I have been stung twice by them. When I realised that Love is in all, including wasps, I lost that fear. Now wasps come to me and even sit on me and I just admire them. They are really pretty to look at close up. The other day while I was taking a selfie, a wasp sat on my phone. I reckon it was trying to photobomb my photo but I couldn't capture it.

Imagine what would happen when billions of people have a vision that the world is loving and safe. Just imagine!

Let's work together to experience a wonderful world by changing our vision of the world.

Everyone is always loving and wonderful!


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