Sunday, 6 July 2014

Letting God Meet Our Need - Part 2

Usually before my mother goes to church, I always wish her a safe journey.

Today I didn't see her before she left. It was only when I heard the front door slam that I woke up and realised she'd gone.  Since I have been affirming  "I let go and I let God fill mum's need" (Mary L Kupferle), I knew she was in God's hands and being well looked after.

Later, I shared the affirmation with my mother.  Mum said she had an experience of letting go.  She said when she got off the bus near her church, she met a couple who attends the same church. She's never spoken to them before. For the first time, they all exchanged greetings. The woman offered to carry one of her bags. At first, mum was reluctant but the woman insisted. Mum let go and let her church friend carry her bag for her.

Looks like the affirmation is working.

I let go and I let God fill the need of all.


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