Sunday, 6 July 2014

Letting God Meet Our Need

"I let go. I let God fill my need." ~~ Mary L Kupferle

"Divine Love always has met, and always will meet, every human need." ~~ Mary Baker Eddy
For the last two months, a friend and I have been planning to go for a long walk by the river. Each time we arranged it, something would happen and we had to postpone. Even though they had forecast rain on the day we planned to meet, I suggested to my friend that we should just go for it or we'll never do it.

On the morning we planned to meet, it was raining and very overcast. I ignored the weather and prayed for a nice walk and dry weather. I also affirmed several times: "I let go. I let God fill my need."   I then phoned my friend and asked if she still wanted to meet up. She said she didn't fancy walking in wet weather.   I suggested that we met later than originally planned. I assured her it will be dry by then.  As I could still sense my friend's reluctance, I texted her to tell her the weather was still overcast and we could do it another time. Besides, I knew that regardless whether we went for the walk or not, I was still going to have a wonderful day.  My friend suggested that we chance it.

When I went to meet my friend at the local tube (underground) station, the weather was dry though it was still overcast. While I was waiting for my friend, who was slightly late, I saw my mother's friend. The strange thing was the day before I saw another woman who reminded me of her. She asked me to say hello to my mother. If my friend had arrived on time, I wouldn't have seen her.

My friend and I walked at a leisurely pace to our destination. It was fun to walk with her because she saw things I'd never noticed before and we kept stopping to take photos on our phones.  I was expecting the walk to take us about 1 hour 40 minutes (slightly slower than it usually takes me); but it took us 3 hours. The weather remained dry throughout.  The moment we arrived at the park, the heavens opened and it started tipping it down. It only rained for about 5 minutes though. We walked through the park and towards the local shopping centre.

My friend asked me if I was going to walk back. I told her I intended to catch the bus home. I suggested that she could either catch the tube or catch a bus that goes to central London. Although that bus doesn't come to the bus station, I planned to walk her to the bus stop. Just as that moment, another bus went by. My friend said she could catch that bus instead as it's going her way. Now that my friend's travelling need was taken care of, we focused on the immediate need - a place to sit down. My friend wanted some snacks and a drink. We found a spot at the food court. My friend bought us some drinks and some food and we spent a couple of hours exchanging personal experiences about how God meets our daily needs. 

Later, I decided to walk my friend to her bus stop first before going on to catch my bus at the bus station.  When we arrived at the stop, I realised I could catch another bus at the same stop and it will take me where I wanted to go.  In fact, my bus even arrived first. 

When my bus arrived at the final destination, I noticed my next bus was already at the bus stop.  I didn't think I could catch it, so I relaxed and walked leisurely to the bus stop.   However, the bus was still at the stop.  Apparently, a passenger had been creating a scene on the bus and the driver wasn't letting any passengers on until he got the passenger off the bus. There were even bus officials in the bus trying to persuade the young man to get off but he wasn't having any of it.  In my thoughts, I affirmed: "I let go. I let God fill my need." Like magic, the man got off and the passengers got on and we were ready to leave.

Instead of worrying about how my need is going to be met, I let go and let God fill my need. 

Instead of worrying about how my friend's need is going to be met, I let go and let God fill her need.

It was a fun day out!  Thank you, God, for meeting our need perfectly.


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