Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Letting Love Organise My Day

"I let go. I let God fill my need." -- Mary L Kupferle
I planned to go to the supermarket to buy a particular item, then stop off at the library to do some writing, and then go for a walk later.  My Inner Voice reminded me that it's going to be too hot to take a walk later. He suggested that I could take a walk now to a larger store, which stocks more items. After that, I can go to the library. The Voice also said the walk will be a perfect opportunity for us to have our dialogue.  I decided to follow the Voice's advice.

Although it was already hot, there was a nice breeze which kept me cool.  I was inspired to take some selfies with my phone camera.  A wasp sat on my phone.  I wondered if it wanted to be included in the photo.  After admiring the wasp, it flew away.

I had a lovely dialogue with the Voice. He always inspires me and makes me happy.

At the store, there was a larger selection. I soon found what I wanted.

While I was queuing up at the checkout behind this woman, I admired her tan. I wondered if she'd just been on holidays. The woman turned round and said I could go ahead of her as I only had one item.

While I was waiting to be served, I asked my friend about her tan and she said she lives in Barbados.  I asked her what the weather is like. She said it's hot throughout the year, even when it's raining. She said she finds shops in London too cold for her liking and she carries her cardigan with her. I pointed to the cardigan I was carrying and said I felt the same way. I told her I hate air-conditioners as they make me cold. She felt the same way. I also told her I know what it's like to live in a hot climate as I lived in Sierra Leone when I was a child. I said I'm no longer used to that kind of heat as I've been in the UK for over 30 years. My friend said when she was in the Gambia with her kids, she wanted to stop off at Sierra Leone but it wasn't safe at the time. I marvelled at how much I had in common with her.

I discovered the item had been reduced by 40%. What a nice bonus!

I'm so glad I followed the Voice within as He is always full of wonderful surprises.


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