Friday, 11 July 2014

Love Attracts Love and What I Love

During my bus journey into the city, I kept repeating "I love you!" When I got off the bus in town and was walking to my destination, I suddenly had this urge to turn back and I saw a pink coach. The coach had driven by me and I had missed it. I reckon my love for pink cars had alerted me to it.

Later on, it was quite chilly. I didn't fancy walking home so I decided to catch the bus home. Again, I continued to think "I love you" and "thank you." Instead of getting off at the usual stop, I decided to get off at the last stop. I then walked to the traffic light to cross the road. It took ages for the lights to change. Suddenly, a woman appeared and stood next to me. I noticed her earrings had the word "LOVE." I told her I had been thinking of love all day and I ended up attracting a woman wearing love earrings. Finally the lights changed. I wished her well and crossed over.

During the rest of my 10 minutes walk home, I saw 6 cats. Well, I do love cats, so.

Love literally attracts love and what I love.


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