Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Magnify Your God, Not Problems

I have observed that every time I focus on problems (personal or world) by worrying about them, discussing them, thinking about them, sharing about them, I am magnifying those problems.

There is another way - why not focus on solutions instead? Better still, focus on God (the God I believe in) who is the solution to all problems. Then wonders of wonders, miracles happen!

While I was getting dressed this morning, I thought to myself how grateful I was that I didn't have that crippling period pain this time round. So far, I've only had one day of heavy period, which is a miracle in itself.

Later at the bus stop, I started feeling pain which got gradually worse. For a split second, I thought about going home but that would take me 15 minutes and I can't walk while I'm in so much pain. I decided to stay put. By the time my bus arrived, the pain was almost crippling.. I went upstairs and sat right at the back near the window. I tried to meditate by focusing on the stillness within, but I couldn't get into it. To distract myself from the pain, I flicked through a newspaper that someone had left on the seat, but I couldn't concentrate. It was time to dissolve the pain by any means necessary.

At first, I started thanking God but I was inspired to magnify God instead. I thought,

You are AWESOME!
You are GOOD!
You are LOVING!
I then repeated "You are WONDERFUL" over and over. The pain got less and less and was soon dissolved. I also felt really happy and at peace. For the rest of the bus journey, I continued to magnify God with my "You are WONDERFUL" mantra, which is actually another form of meditation called Japa.

I choose to magnify my God than focus on problems.

Every time I read mainstream newspapers or listen to the news, I will be magnifying my God.

God dissolves all problems.


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