Thursday, 31 July 2014

Meet My Family!

I have a friend I've being seeing for a while. Yesterday, I got to meet his family.

While I was walking home, I noticed a cat friend. I also noticed a woman and a girl about to enter a ground floor flat. I asked them if the cat belonged to them and she said yes. I said we are friends and he's very affectionate.

The cat's mum told me he was actually a SHE and her name is Tigger. Oops! Sorry Tigger!

I asked Tigger's mum if I could take some photos and she said yes. So Tigger posed for some photos.  Here's one:

Tigger by E Joseph, 2014

It was good to meet Tigger's family who are lovely. It shows Tigger is very serious about me.

Watch this space!


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