Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Perfect Shade

My Perfect Shade (Photo by E Joseph 2014)

When I woke up this morning, the weather was already warm. I fancied going to the park, finding a perfect shaded spot and doing some writing.

After putting on my shorts and a top, I headed for the park. The only seat in the shade didn't have enough shade for my liking. I decided to pop into the local library to use their Internet and Wifi.

Although I was feeling inspired in he library, I didn't feel comfortable being there. I wasn't fully present.  I kept seeing an image of myself sitting in the shade at this particular park. I had a feeling that self that was already at the park was pulling me towards it.  I decided to leave and find my perfect shade.

I walked to the park near where I live. There was a shelter that seemed perfect but it was already occupied by a young couple in conversation. I checked my emails but there was no Wifi connection at that spot. Although there was more than enough room in the shelter for all of us, I decided to move to a bench in the shade.

Another couple and their baby were sitting on the grass in the sun right in front of me. Suddenly, the baby started crying.  His mum and dad did all they could to comfort him, but he kept bawling. They decided to leave. I wondered whether, like me, the baby was still looking for his perfect spot?

After the family had gone, I remained on the bench enjoying the shade and the nice cool breeze. When it got too cool for my liking, I wrapped my cardigan around my shoulder. I stayed until I was full and then moved on to the park I had seen in my imagination.

At the next park, I found another bench which seemed perfect. I could even get free Wifi. However, there were two women sitting on the grass close by and they were having a conversation. I didn't feel comfortable so I moved to another bench which was perfect. A wasp even paid me a visit and sat beside me.  It was really pretty. I was going to capture its beauty on camera but the wasp was not interested in being my model and it flew away.

I'm actually composing this piece at my perfect shaded spot.

After I'd had my fill of shade, I decided to go for a nice long walk in the sunshine.

If I am not fully present where I am or with whom I am with, I am never going to be satisfied. My dissatisfaction is bound to have a huge impact on my work and relationships. The best thing is to break free and connect with what truly resonates with my heart.  Only then can I be at my best and be able to share the best of me.

In bliss

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