Thursday, 31 July 2014


Tour de France by E Joseph - July 2014

While I was reading an article about who had won this year's Tour de France, I noticed the word "peloton." I've heard that word used a lot during the race and  I have wondered what it meant. I could easily have looked the word up on the Internet but I couldn't be bothered. I guess I didn't think it was that important.

Three days later, while I was walking home from the city, I decided to stop at this park to check my emails. Soon, a man arrived on his bicycle and sat on the far end of the bench I was sitting on and ate his sandwich. 

After I had finished checking and responding to my emails, I was ready to continue the rest of my hour walk home. It was then I noticed the trainers the man beside me was wearing. I told him I liked his trainers. He said they were great for cycling as they had a good grip on the pedals.

I asked my friend if he'd watched the Tour de France while they were in the UK. He said he watched some of it. I showed him a couple of photos I had taken of the cyclists zooming by me.  It turned out my friend is a cycling enthusiast and even belongs to a cycling club.  He showed me a photo of himself after a recent 100+ miles tour with fellow cyclists. While he was talking about cycling, he used the word peloton. I asked him to explain what that meant. He said it was the French term for a pack of cyclists.

My friend and I ended up chatting for about an hour about lots of other stuff. I even shared my blog with him and he read my latest post, which he found interesting.

My friend said normally at that time of day, he's very busy with looking after and entertaining his two young sons.  They were visiting their grandparents, hence his downtime at the park.  Fortunately for me, he chose to spend his downtime sitting on a bench near me where I got my question answered.

Life moves very fast, like the Tour de France cyclists were moving when I saw them, but if we don't slow down, we miss the wonderful opportunities to be part of the Wonder.

It's interesting how even though I didn't look up the meaning of the word, peloton, the meaning came to me.