Friday, 4 July 2014

What's Your Drama?

"God is my constant and opulent source and supply. I am wealthy and loved" -- Terry Cole Whittaker
In the book "The Celestine Prophecy", James Redfield highlights four types of dramas (behaviour) humans use to control each other to get energy: aloof, interrogator, intimidator and poor me. For instance, someone who tends to withdraw and act aloof will tend to attract interrogators who try to understand why they are acting aloof.

In my family, the predominant dramas used to control and manipulate for energy were intimidator and aloof. The intimidator drama didn't work on me as I wasn't scared. What really got to me was when adults withdrew their love and acted aloof.

I have observed that although I tend to attract aloof type relationships, which trigger the interrogator in me, I now have a different strategy - I get my energy direct from Source whose resources are inexhaustible.

Now when someone I care about is acting aloof, life continues to unfold for me in wonderful ways as I'm getting all I need from Source. If the aloof type chooses to reconnect, fine; if not, no worries, life is still wonderful.

I don't need anyone's energy when I am connected to Source.


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