Thursday, 14 August 2014

Beyond Translation

During my bus journey, a man and his young son got on. The man sat beside me and his son sat on the seat on his right.  As they chatted away in German, I heard the man say "Spider Man" and then continued in German. I was curious about that so I asked him if there wasn't any German equivalent for "Spider Man."  He said there wasn't. Spider Man is Spider Man.
He said he and his son were on the way to the Science Museum. I asked him if he'd been to the Olympic Park and he said no.  I said his son would love it.  Before I got off, I wished them well.
Isn't it interesting how there is no German equivalent for Spider Man?  I bet it's the same in other languages.  Some words just cannot be translated.
I'm reminded of a healing workshop I once attended.  While I was practising receiving distance healing from another student, in my mind's eye, I saw myself in a park and I also saw a ladder.   When I asked my friend about those images I'd seen, she said she had sent me peace as she felt I needed peace. She had also visualised a ladder that she used to climb down into my body to check that my organs were functioning OK.  Now it made sense why I had seen those images: the park represents peace as I usually find parks peaceful;  but there was no other way for me to represent a ladder but to see the ladder in mind.
I believe just like I translated peace into a garden, I believe God the Source is constantly being translated to fit our individual beliefs or consensus agreements. Religions have been set up based on our beliefs about God. Wars have been fought over God. In truth, like Spider Man, God is beyond translation.
God is God in any reality.