Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Don't Worry about a Thing!

There is a passage in the Bible (Matthew 6: 25-34) where Jesus is teaching his followers how to handle all aspects of their daily lives. He tells them not to worry but focus instead on the Truth of God as their source and provider and everything will be taken care of.  (The King James Version of the Bible refers to that mentality as "take no thought"). 

I have a tendency to fret about stuff but I am getting better at trusting.

So my mother asked me to buy her some stamps. I also needed one for a card I was sending. I went to the local supermarket but they didn't have first class stamps. I decided to take a walk to the post office.  On the way, I was busy fretting about an issue. As I was walking by a group of shops, my thoughts were stopped and replaced by "I wonder if Staples does stamps?"  I backtracked, went into the shop and asked the manager and he said they did. I got my stamps.  I still had to go to the post office as the nearest post box was outside it.

Half an hour later, the thing I had been fretting about was resolved.

A friend and I arranged to meet up later. He's going away for 6 months and we wanted to catch up before he leaves.  He promised to text me what time he could meet up in the evening.  I decided to go home and have a meal and meet my friend later.  After I had finished my meal and relaxed, I got ready to meet my friend.  As it had been raining earlier I wondered whether to wear my boots or my sandals. I wore my sandals.  Just as I was about to leave, I received a phone call from my friend apologising that something had come up and he couldn't meet. I was amazed at how perfect his timing was. More like, God arranged for him to call me at the right moment.

An hour later, it started raining heavily. I was really grateful I hadn't gone out wearing my sandals as my feet would have been soaked.  I hate getting my feet wet!

My mother had planned to go out today but wasn't feeling well. I asked her if I could get anything for her on the way back. She wanted some food stuff which couldn't wait till the evening. Although she told me not to worry about it, I offered to get it for her.

On the way, I bumped into another friend. We had actually planned to meet up last week when she was on leave but she hadn't got in contact.  Although I had wondered about her, I decided not to worry about it. She was probably busy as she's got two kids.  When I saw my friend I asked her why she hadn't got in contact. She said she didn't take the whole week off as planned and she was also busy.  If I hadn't offered to run my mother's errand for her, I wouldn't have seen my friend.

Don't worry about a thing!  Everything is always working out for the best though it might not seem like that at the time to the human sense of things.  All I have to do is trust in God as my source and provider.


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