Friday, 15 August 2014

Knowing What is Good for You

"God's plan for man is in operation, and there is no other power or presence that can interfere with it." -- Dorothy Rieke 
While I was in bed, I pondered about God's plan for mankind which doesn't allow human false beliefs to get in the way of your good. In other words, you are no longer mesmerised by the limiting beliefs within the human collective that our lot in life is years of hard labour, suffering, lack, sickness, aging and death. You know that you are here to experience the abundant life God has in store for you which includes beauty, creativity, fulfilment, happiness, harmony, love, peace, prosperity, supply, wholeness and eternal youth.

How do you know what is God's plan for you?

You are guided every step of the way or you feel compelled to take action.

After I finished pondering on these ideas, I was ready to go to sleep but I felt restless. To help me relax, I affirmed: "God's plan for me is in operation and there is no other power or presence that can interfere with it."

I still felt restless. I had an idea to get a drink. Even though I wasn't feeling particularly thirsty, I went to the kitchen to get some to take to the bedroom. On the way back, I noticed my mother was watching the movie, "Good Will Hunting" in the living room, which she said had only just started. She said the BBC was showing it as a tribute to the American actor, Robin Williams, who passed away recently.

So that's why I had been feeling restless! The film had been pulling me towards it. My mother was soon fast asleep. I ended up watching it on my own.

How does watching the movie fit in with God's plan for me?

First of all, I love Robin Williams. Second, although I've seen the movie before, it was a long time ago and I had a different mindset then. It was a good opportunity to reacquaint myself with the movie and see it from a new perspective. Third, the film's theme reflects my current preoccupation with vision, which I shall explore in another article.

In other words, the movie is part of the unfolding of my good, that's why it was brought to my attention; and I was compelled to watch it.

When God's plan for you is in operation, your good will drag you out of bed so you can experience it.


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