Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Letting Go of Miss Polly

Fifteen years ago, I decided it was time to opt out of the medical model and learn how to tap into the Healing Power which I believe we all have within us. However, making that paradigm shift hasn't been easy. 

While I was in the library, I heard this woman teaching some young kids from a book about what people do when they don't feel well. She said they either go to the doctor or they call the emergency services and are taken to the hospital.

I've also heard library staff teaching kids the nursery rhyme about Miss Polly whose dolly is sick and asks the doctor to come round. The doctor then prescribes some pills and says he'll be back the next day to settle his bill. I remember being taught that same nursery rhyme when I was a child, and that was a long time ago.

I can see now why I found it challenging breaking away from my old world view, as I was fighting against my old programming from childhood.  In other words, Miss Polly in me, who still believed in pills and paying for the doctor's bill, was fighting hard against the Real Me where all healing is free and limitless. 

I've had to reprogramme my mind to accept that if I don't feel well, the only place to turn to is the Power within for healing that costs nothing.

With persistence and lots of love, I have finally let go of Miss Polly.


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