Monday, 4 August 2014

Love is Always Present

My brother treated my mother and my nephew (his son) to a meal at an "all you can eat" restaurant that does different cuisines. I had one helping of Chinese.  The food tasted great!  I also had some dessert. I even took some photos and we had fun.  Then my brother dropped me and my mother home.

Later, I fancied a muffin. My mother also had one.

Within half an hour, I started feeling sick. I went to lie down and prayed for the feeling to pass. I spent the rest of the afternoon spewing up everything I'd eaten earlier and going to the toilet.  While all this was happening, in my thoughts I kept asking for help and thanking God for help. My Inner Voice responded with "I love you! I am here!" While I was throwing up, I was aware of a loving Presence beside me. Despite how my body was feeling, I felt really peaceful. 

In the meantime, my mother was so concerned for my well-being, she wanted me to go to the hospital. I told her there was no need for her to worry and I didn't need the hospital. I assured her my body was clearing out my system and I will feel better soon.  I told her I needed to be myself to pray.  I suggested if she wanted to help, she could also pray for me.

It took a while for my stomach to settle.  I managed to get some sleep for a few hours. In the middle of the night my stomach started playing up again but I quickly dissolved it by thanking God.  I then fell asleep.

No matter how dire a situation, I know Love is always present.  Instead of worrying or indulging in fear, I choose to focus on Love and give thanks for Love's presence. Love will dissolve the situation.

When I told my brother about what I'd experienced, he suggested that I should eat out more and my stomach will get used to different cuisines.  Next time I have any food, whether I have prepared it or not, I'm going to bless my food with love as I don't want to have that experience again.

Thank you, Love, for always being there for me!


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