Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Taking a Rest

While I was going for a walk in the marshes, I thought of going left so I could sit on a bench and check my emails on my phone. I had an idea to go right and continue walking and then rest on the bench at the end of that path. I decided I wanted to check my emails now so I went left.

After I had finished reading, I continued walking on the same path.  I soon came across some muddy puddles. Now it made sense why I had been inspired to go right as that path is never muddy or has puddles. Fortunately, there were some dry spots which I had to hop to to avoid the puddles. I was also grateful I had worn my boots instead of sandals.

It's good to have a walking companion who always anticipates all my needs (including when to take a rest), even if I don't always listen to Him.


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