Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Irresistible Power of Love - Revisited

When I opened the front door this morning, a cat that lives in the neighbourhood was sitting outside on the mat. I have seen him before. He's even posed for a photo, but he's still nervous around me. When I called out to him, he stopped and stared but then ran off. I kept calling and following him, but it made him more nervous. So I blessed him with love and went on my way.

My Inner Voice said the cat was attracted to me because of my love for cats.

Last night, while I was out with a friend, we chatted about our love of cats and how they teach us how to be more relaxed. I even made a mental note to myself to email him an article I wrote a while back about cats and relaxation.

The love I have for cats is an irresistible power that attracts cats to me, but that particular cat's fear is getting in the way of forming a close relationship. I'll just love and let go.


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