Thursday, 7 August 2014

What is Resistance? - Revisited

Five years ago, I wrote a piece called What is Resistance? about blackberries and when they are ready to be picked. I applied what I had learned about their readiness to life. I wrote that resistance is trying to force things to happen when they are not ready. I recently shared that article at Readwave, a blog for writers.

Today on my walk through the woods, I saw some kids picking blackberries.  One boy was advising his siblings what blackberries were ready. He was saying verbatim what I had written in my article. I thought it was amazing.

On my way back from my walk, I saw another woman picking blackberries. I asked her if she had found many ripe ones. She showed me a bowl of blackberries and I tried one. It was delicious.

It's interesting how that article I wrote way back is only getting more readership now. Is it possible I have been resisting sharing my articles to a wider audience because I wasn't ready?

I can't force things to happen. I have to let nature takes its course.


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