Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Why It's Important to Shine My Light

When I want to see in a dark room, I switch the light on. In the same respect, when I want to see and experience someone's true nature, it's important to see them with my light.

While I was in the library, my attention was drawn to a man working on a computer. He kept muttering to himself and seemed frustrated. After a few minutes, the man went to the helpdesk to ask a librarian for assistance on the computer. She came over to help.

Because of the man's heavy accent and increasing frustration, he was coming across as very aggressive, which was making the librarian very uncomfortable. She kept her distance and had a protective arm around her stomach.  The man told the librarian he wasn't happy with her help and accused her of acting as if she was scared of him.

As I felt the tension growing between them, the librarian told the man she needed to give his enquiries some thought and returned to her desk.

I decided to help diffuse the tension. I sent light to the man and woman.  I repeated to myself: "You are made in the image and likeness of God."

When the librarian returned, she handed the man some information, which he said was exactly what he was looking for and thanked her. Although he still had more questions,  I noticed he now came across as a lot gentler and the librarian was now less defensive.

Thank you for reminding me that if I want to see and experience people as they really are, I need to shine my light.

Light to all.


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