Wednesday, 17 September 2014

This Blog is Now Closed

Thank you for stopping by.

I feel it's time to explore another dimension of Self so I'm closing down this blog.

You are welcome to follow my new adventures at my new blog: Omnipresent Love.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The One at Work

I believe regardless of appearances, there is only One Presence working through the all.

Yesterday, a song I once downloaded from the Abraham Hicks website years ago came to mind and I started humming it. Part of the song goes:
Every day a new adventure
Every day a new beginning
As I reach out and discover
The magic in the joy of living A New Adventure
As I love puns and anagrams, today I decided to set up a theme called Fun with Puns and Anagrams, at the website "Readwave" where I've been sharing my writings. I'm encouraging writers to send in their best puns and anagrams. While I was setting up the theme, I thought of a friend who lives in France who is excellent at puns. We've had so many funny pun exchanges via email. I thought it would be fun if she could contribute some of her puns.

About half an hour after I set up the theme, I received an email from my friend in France to let me know that she and her husband are off on an Abraham Hicks cruise shortly. She also told me that Esther Hicks (the Abraham Hicks teacher) is running a workshop in London this weekend.

That's the magic of the One at work!


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Reminder to Self - One Problem, One Solution

The following article was previously posted at my Nothing Wrong with Me blog.


Friday, 16 July 2010

One Problem, One Solution

Years ago, I had this vivid dream where people were asking me questions about various problems they were having. Each time I was asked I would look in a book and the solution was always the same - one.

But, why was I giving out the same solution when people obviously had different kinds of problems? Surely, I should have given answers that matched the problems?

I believe my dream was revealing that no matter how many problems there appear to be, they are all manifestations of the one problem which stems from forgetfulness of the nature of reality: that there is only One Self appearing as the many.

Now the One knows nothing of problems nor does He ever experience problems. Since the One doesn't have any problems, there are no problems. However, in order to experience this as real, it's important to constantly remember that regardless of appearances, only One exists.

Then just observe as the One Self does all the work of dissolving, resolving and transforming what appears to be "problems" in amazing and wonderful ways to meet each individual's needs.

The solution to everyone's problems is One.


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Cat Friend

As I was walking home, I wondered whether I was going to see any of my cat friends that prowl the neighbourhood.  I didn't see any.

Just as I was approaching home, I saw a cat sitting outside my neighbour's front door, even though he doesn't actually live there. He was going to run off but when I called out, he stayed put.

He must have thought I wanted him to pose for a photo. I didn't take a photo as I was carrying bags.

My mother told me later that a few days ago, the same cat was sitting right outside our front door.  I reckon he'd come round to pose for another photo. :)

The last photo I took of my cat friend


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Lending a Hand

As I walking home with two bags of shopping which were getting heavier and heavier, I reminded myself of the One Presence. I affirmed "Only One exists and the One is Infinite Love."

My experience of carrying the shopping instantly changed. I no longer experienced the two bags as separate from me, instead, the bags were now part of my body and my body was part of the Universe. In other words, there was no longer a me, there was only the One Presence doing everything. Carrying the bags was now easy and effortless.

On the way, I noticed a pink van driving by with the company name: "Lend a Hand" which I found rather amusing.

Thank you, Love, for lending a hand with Our shopping!


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Monday, 15 September 2014

Seeing What I Think

While I was waiting at the bus stop, I could see a bus approaching  from the distance. At first, I thought the route number was a 21 but then it looked like a 141. I knew it definitely wasn't the 76 I was waiting for.

When the bus got closer I saw the bus was actually out of service and destination and route number was actually blank.

How come I had seen those numbers?

I believe it was because I was seeing what I was thinking of not what was actually there.

That's what happens when you're busy thinking, you don't see what is real but projections of your thoughts..

That's why I believe it's so important to have a blank mind. Then I see what is actually there not what I think is there.


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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Quote of the Day - 11

"The field draws its energy from your bodies. The more you resist, the stronger the force field becomes." Star Trek, The Empath

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Why I Believe in Mind Melds

Spock mind melding with Scotty in "Spectre of the Gun."

In the sci-fi Star Trek episode Spectre of the Gun, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty and Chekov beam down to this particular planet even though the inhabitants have warned them not to. The aliens create a town based on 19th century Arizona and imprison them.

Chekov gets involved in a situation and is shot dead. The others realise that the only way they can be free from that illusion is to take part in a gunfight. They try to get out of it but each time they escape they find themselves back in the fictitious town.

Spock, who is half Vulcan, knows he will survive the gunfight because he knows the bullets are unreal, but he needs to convince Scotty, McCoy and Kirk to share his belief. McCoy doesn't think that is possible as they are humans and humans can't be 100% certain about anything. Kirk orders Spock to have a mind meld with each of them individually i.e. share his thoughts and beliefs with each individual so that they are one.

This is what Spock says during his mind meld.
"The bullets are unreal. Without body. They are illusions only. Shadows without substance. They will not pass through your body, for they do not exist." Spectre of the Gun, Transcript
Now that their minds are now one i.e. they share the same beliefs, during the gunfight, the bullets pass right through them and they are unharmed. At the end of the episode, Chekov comes back to life and he doesn't recall his death. He simply thought he was dreaming.

I believe the Vulcan mind meld is the equivalent of joining with God/Creator. In other words, reminding yourself with various techniques such as affirmations, prayers and meditation that your mind is one with God. Then all that God is (or you believe He is), you are.

I believe to survive in this world with its many false beliefs, it is important to mind meld with God. Not only are you protected from the many beliefs, you are experiencing a different reality to the masses. Some people might even think you are an alien.

It is because of my mind meld that I have can recover from illnesses without taking medication. I have found that my mind melding experiences are never permanent. As long as I'm sharing this reality with others who don't share my beliefs, I have to be constantly mind melding with God. In fact, I have to mind meld every day.

Time for another mind meld.


Lion Heart

I have observed that a lot of kids tend to have invisible friends that they talk to and are friends with. When they get to a certain age,  hey grow out of their invisible friends or are conditioned out of having invisible friends by those who don't believe such entities exist.

I've never grown out of my invisible friends.  I have zillions of them.

One of my invisible friends is a lion with a red mane that I call Roarger.

I have found that men I attract have lion-like qualities about them or remind me of lions. Maybe, I am looking for Roarger in them.

The other day, someone sent me some cute animal photos and one of them was a lioness with her cub.  The shape of the lioness's face reminded me of someone I know. It was then I realised that the shape of my face is a bit like a lioness.  I don't want any cubs though. I like to see my stories as my cubs.

As it's been ages since I spoke to Roarger in my thoughts, last night while I was in bed, I acknowledged him in my thoughts.  He told me he's always with me whether I'm conscious of him or not.

Today, I noticed an advert on two buses with the slogan "ROARSOME."  It made me think of Roarger.

Thank you, Roarger, for always being there for me and with me.


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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Why Dogs Don't Bark in Spanish

Photo designed by Enocia

The other night, while I was watching this programme on television with my mother about animals in a farm, there were some roosters crowing. I said to her everywhere in the world, roosters crow in the same way; dogs bark in the same way; cats miaow in the same way. In other words, dogs in Spain don't bark in Spanish.

Why is it that humans speak in different languages?

Mum thought it was an interesting question.

Speaking of dogs from Spain, I met this woman recently who was walking her dog. She told me her dog used to live in Spain and she's adopted him. The dog acted like any other dog: she wagged her tail and even licked my hand. She didn't bark but if she had I'm sure she wouldn't have barked in Spanish.

On the bus today, I heard this man chatting on his mobile phone and he burst out laughing.  His laughter was so infectious, it made me smile.

Aha!  Laughter is one way humans communicate in the same way. When a human laughs you know they are either happy or find something amusing.

People also smile to express happiness or friendship.

Crying is universal which can signify that someone is either upset about something or overwhelmed with emotions.

I reckon if we all communicated in smiles and laughter, there will be no more wars and everyone will be peaceful and at ease.

I don't speak other languages but I do speak laughter and smiles. :-D


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What's Your Name?

On the way to the bus stop yesterday, I started thinking about a friend who lives in the neighbourhood.  She usually walks her children to the local school.  I haven't seen her for a while as the kids have been on holidays. Now that the kids are back in school, I wondered if I would see her. I couldn't remember her name.  It's a lovely but unusual name. I asked myself what her name was but all I got was that it started with an E.

When I got to the bus stop, my friend and her husband were waiting there. We even caught the same bus and we had a nice chat.  I didn't ask her name. I figured I would remember. A name popped up which sounded like it but something told me it wasn't right.

This morning, I thought of my friend again and I imagined her standing in front of me. I then told  her that I've been racking my brain to recall her name and asked her what her name was. I listened for her name but I got nothing.

A few minutes later, as I was walking down this road, I saw my friend walking towards me. After we hugged, I said to her: "I've been racking my brain trying to remember your name. Remind me of your name again?"

She told me and it did start with an E.

I wonder why my Inner Voice didn't just tell me her name?  Maybe, my Inner Voice was teaching me how to get the answer by visualising it in front of me.


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Beauty is Only Skin Deep and Other Fabrications

"Personality is man as he appears, that is, his habits, his beliefs, his thoughts, his grammar, his clothes, etc. Impersonality is man as he is. Truth is impersonal and man is like truth; man is therefore impersonal." ~~ Lillian DeWaters
I have observed that many of the beliefs we have as humans are based on fabrications. Let's take the myth that "beauty is only skin deep", meaning instead of focusing on how someone looks on the outside, focus on what they are like inside.

I believe that belief stems from the belief that aging is natural, therefore, you should expect to lose your good looks when you reach a certain age. Since people's good looks are not going to last long, it's best to focus on their character. To extend your good looks, you quickly have kids and instill in them the same belief that it's not what people look like on the outside that's important, etc.

What if your physical beauty is an embodiment of who you really are, your Real Self? Who you are as eternal light knows nothing of aging, sickness or death. When you're expressing your Real Self, you grow more and more beautiful every day.

That just shows that "beauty is only skin deep" is a human fabrication based on human limitations.

Recently at the supermarket, there were people raising awareness for heart disease and high blood pressure. The people they were targeting were those between 40 and 74.  Out of curiosity, I went to get a leaflet. The man who handed me one told me he could see that I was too young to be tested. I told him I was over 40, which he was really surprised by.

Just for fun, I asked for a blood pressure test. Before he did it, he asked me to fill in a form. I asked him why. He said so they could pass my details to my doctor. I told him I didn't have a doctor and don't see why they can't do it anonymously. The nurse who had been listening to our conversation said that was all the more reason why I should have a test done as I don't have a doctor. Her logic didn't make any sense to me so I gave them back their leaflet and decided not to go through with their test.

The fact that I am in their age bracket and yet they didn't think I looked that age shows that their results are based on stuff they've made up. Since I don't live in their model of reality, their tests do not apply to me.

I can just imagine when I get to the age when you are supposed to get free travel (in the UK), I will be denied it based on my looks. I'll probably have to carry my birth certificate everywhere with me to prove how old I am.

Instead of following people's made up beliefs about beauty and health, I live by the Truth of who I am.

I am Light and Light is beauty on the outside and inside.


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Monday, 8 September 2014

Does Amnesia Matter?

In the America sci-fi Stargate SG1 episode called Memento Mori, Vala is kidnapped by a group who want access to some of her memories.  While her colleagues are rescuing Vala, the memory machine that Vala is connected to ends up wiping out all her memories.  As she no longer remembers who she is and what her job is, she can't contact anyone who knows her. Her only choice is to go on the run.

To make ends meet, Vala gets a job at a restaurant.  Although she's happy enough in her job, she instinctively knows the job is not right for her and that she's meant to be doing something else. One day, when two men try to rob the restaurant, Vala takes them down by hand to hand combat, but she can't explain how she's able to do this. To cut a long story short, Vala is eventually reunited with her colleagues at SG1 who help restore her memories.

What I find interesting about Vala's experience is she doesn't remember who she is and yet she remembers her function i.e. what she's been trained to do; and that training enables her to take down the two criminals at the restaurant.

I believe Vala's amnesia is rather like the amnesia most of us have while we are experiencing life as humans. We don't remember who we are, where we come from or why we are here, and yet, instinctively, we find ourselves drawn to certain people, career paths and lifestyles.  It doesn't matter what your programming is, something inside tells you that you're meant to be doing something different.

I didn't remember who I was and where I came from but I've always known that what my family and society wanted for me wasn't right for me. I knew I was here to do something else.

Am I now doing what I am here to do?

I believe I am.  I have been instinctively following the blueprint or plan that was designed for me before I took this form.  It is this Plan that is guiding me every step of the way, and helping me meet the right people I'm meant to meet.

Speaking of meeting the right people, this morning I thought of an old friend I haven't seen in a while and wondered how she was.  I ended up meeting her at the bus stop.  It turns out, she and her husband were waiting for the same bus as me and we travelled together. During our journey, my friend and I discussed a topic I had been thinking of earlier.  It was confirmation that we were meant to meet up today.  

Amnesia doesn't really matter. Whatever I'm meant to do, I will do; and whoever I'm meant to meet, I will meet.


Sunday, 7 September 2014


When the earphones that came with my smartphone stopped working after a few months, I replaced them with some cheap earphones I got from a discount store. They actually lasted longer than the ones that came with my smartphone.

Two days ago, I bought another cheap pair. Today, while I was using them to catch up on a TV programme, they stopped working. I know they are only a Pound but they could have lasted longer than two days! Unfortunately, I couldn’t take then back as I'd thrown away the receipt. As I believe everything is alive with God's intelligence, I commanded the earphones to work, but not a peep came out of them. I reckon they were either asleep or ignoring me. I resigned myself to getting new ones and pray they last longer than two days.

After I finished watching the TV show on my phone, I felt like watching the music video for the song, "Survivor" by Destiny's Child. Wouldn't it be lovely if the earphones would WORK HARDER like in the song? I had an idea to send light to the earphones. With the earphones in my left hand, I projected light to them with my right and repeated WORK in my thoughts. I then connected the earphones and they worked perfectly.

I had another idea. I took out the old earphones that had come with my smartphone, projected light to them and commanded them to work. They came back to life though they were a bit groggy. At least I know how to wake them up fully when I'm ready to use them.

Light makes life work.


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Friday, 5 September 2014

I Command You to Leave!

After reading this interesting article called 2 Magic Words, which is about using "I Command," I thought it would be fun to give this a try.

So, today when I started experiencing symptoms of a migraine, instead of using my healing affirmations, I thought to myself: "I command my eyesight to clear up and for the headache to go away now!" My eyesight cleared up and the twinge of headache dissolved in a few minutes. Result!

Since reading that article, it has occurred to me that in the Bible, Jesus worked with commands in his ministry. He commanded spirits to come out of people who were possessed; he commanded the dead to arise; he commanded the wind to be still...and so much more. I believe The Lord's Prayer is a set of commands to help meet our daily needs.

I have noticed how kids under five use commands a lot when they communicate. They are then programmed out of that mentality as commands are regarded as rude, unless it's part of your job to give or receive commands.

Well, I'm going to have fun working with commands. Care to join me?


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Quote of the Day - 10

"With success, it's not you that's changed, it's people around you that have changed." Dynamo

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Love Can Only Love

"To infinite, ever present Love, all is Love, and there is no error, no sin, sickness, nor death." -- Mary Baker Eddy
Recently, William Pooley, a British volunteer nurse who had been working in Sierra Leone with patients infected by the Ebola virus contracted the virus and had to be flown home to the UK. Pooley was admitted at the Royal Free Hospital in London. (I was actually born at the Royal Free Hospital. When I was a child, we moved to Sierra Leone and lived there for a number of years. I still have relatives living there). Like many others, I have been praying for Pooley's recovery.

Pooley's situation got me thinking about acts of love. He had volunteered to help people and yet he contracted the virus. I even heard about one doctor in Sierra Leone who had contracted the virus and died. Why would anyone be punished for performing acts of love?

I believe it's because of our human belief that something can be both good and bad at the same time. One moment you are in love then you end up hurting the person you love. (I've done the same. It's not my fault, it's my human nature). When someone dies after performing an act of kindness, we just accept that as the norm. We've even come to accept death as part of life, therefore, you should expect to get sick and grow old. That's life!

I believe as long as we continue to identify ourselves as being both good and evil, we will continue to commit acts of good and evil.  We will also continue to accept that doing good can sometimes lead to your downfall.

I believe our real Source/Love and Creator is not good and evil; Love is all Love. In other words, whatever Love creates is good for all time. If Love did not create it, it's a dream and does not exist.

The first time I was aware of the good and evil human dream was when I was 10 years old and I was living in Sierra Leone at the time. One morning, on my way to school, I was run over by a car. On impact, I left my body and felt myself everywhere present. I heard a voice telling me that the accident wasn't real and it was a dream. I then returned to my body. Just as I was about to be driven to the hospital, someone pointed out that there was an ambulance a few cars behind which took me to the hospital. As the driver who had ran me over worked as a sister at the local hospital, I was treated like a VIP by the doctors and nurses at the hospital. We also discovered later that she was also related to my cousin's boyfriend. While Love did not create that dream, everything worked out for good.

William Pooley, who has been on an experimental drug, has now been discharged from the hospital after making a full recovery. Now that is real Love at work!

Love is not both good and evil.
Love doesn't punish you for doing good works.

Love can only love.


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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Keeping It Zipped

Yesterday, an elderly woman I saw on the road asked me if I could zip up her jacket for her as she couldn't do it herself.

Today, I noticed a plastic zip on the bus.

How weird is that!

OK, I'm going to zip it now! :)


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The Travel Guide Within

While I was getting off the bus, I heard this man asking the bus driver how to get to a particular area. As he got off at the same stop as me, I advised him which bus to get to his destination. He told me he was actually going to Whitechapel and he'd been advised to catch two buses. He asked me if I knew which bus went to Whitechapel.  I told him the 253 might get him there.
After a few minutes, I had a brainwave and advised him when he got off the first stop to stay at that bus stop and catch the bus 67 and it will take him to Whitechapel.
After I spoke to my friend, I heard my Inner Voice saying that the bus 67 doesn't go to Whitechapel but goes to Aldgate.
I quickly Googled the bus route on my phone and sure enough my Inner Voice was spot on.  By then, it was too late to tell my friend I had sent him on a wild goose chase as he'd already hopped on the first bus.
I believe as the Travel Guide in me is the same Guide in all, I knew the Guide wil get my friend to his destination effortlessly.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Zip Me Up!

During my walk, I noticed this elderly woman waiting for a bus. I smiled at her and said hello. She said hello back and then asked me if I could do her a favour and zip up her jacket. She said she wasn't able to do it with her hands.  I was only happy to oblige.

I had a feeling she had been praying for help and God sent me to her.

Bless her!


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