Friday, 5 September 2014

I Command You to Leave!

After reading this interesting article called 2 Magic Words, which is about using "I Command," I thought it would be fun to give this a try.

So, today when I started experiencing symptoms of a migraine, instead of using my healing affirmations, I thought to myself: "I command my eyesight to clear up and for the headache to go away now!" My eyesight cleared up and the twinge of headache dissolved in a few minutes. Result!

Since reading that article, it has occurred to me that in the Bible, Jesus worked with commands in his ministry. He commanded spirits to come out of people who were possessed; he commanded the dead to arise; he commanded the wind to be still...and so much more. I believe The Lord's Prayer is a set of commands to help meet our daily needs.

I have noticed how kids under five use commands a lot when they communicate. They are then programmed out of that mentality as commands are regarded as rude, unless it's part of your job to give or receive commands.

Well, I'm going to have fun working with commands. Care to join me?


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