Thursday, 11 September 2014

Lion Heart

I have observed that a lot of kids tend to have invisible friends that they talk to and are friends with. When they get to a certain age,  hey grow out of their invisible friends or are conditioned out of having invisible friends by those who don't believe such entities exist.

I've never grown out of my invisible friends.  I have zillions of them.

One of my invisible friends is a lion with a red mane that I call Roarger.

I have found that men I attract have lion-like qualities about them or remind me of lions. Maybe, I am looking for Roarger in them.

The other day, someone sent me some cute animal photos and one of them was a lioness with her cub.  The shape of the lioness's face reminded me of someone I know. It was then I realised that the shape of my face is a bit like a lioness.  I don't want any cubs though. I like to see my stories as my cubs.

As it's been ages since I spoke to Roarger in my thoughts, last night while I was in bed, I acknowledged him in my thoughts.  He told me he's always with me whether I'm conscious of him or not.

Today, I noticed an advert on two buses with the slogan "ROARSOME."  It made me think of Roarger.

Thank you, Roarger, for always being there for me and with me.


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