Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The One at Work

I believe regardless of appearances, there is only One Presence working through the all.

Yesterday, a song I once downloaded from the Abraham Hicks website years ago came to mind and I started humming it. Part of the song goes:
Every day a new adventure
Every day a new beginning
As I reach out and discover
The magic in the joy of living A New Adventure
As I love puns and anagrams, today I decided to set up a theme called Fun with Puns and Anagrams, at the website "Readwave" where I've been sharing my writings. I'm encouraging writers to send in their best puns and anagrams. While I was setting up the theme, I thought of a friend who lives in France who is excellent at puns. We've had so many funny pun exchanges via email. I thought it would be fun if she could contribute some of her puns.

About half an hour after I set up the theme, I received an email from my friend in France to let me know that she and her husband are off on an Abraham Hicks cruise shortly. She also told me that Esther Hicks (the Abraham Hicks teacher) is running a workshop in London this weekend.

That's the magic of the One at work!


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