Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Why Dogs Don't Bark in Spanish

Photo designed by Enocia

The other night, while I was watching this programme on television with my mother about animals in a farm, there were some roosters crowing. I said to her everywhere in the world, roosters crow in the same way; dogs bark in the same way; cats miaow in the same way. In other words, dogs in Spain don't bark in Spanish.

Why is it that humans speak in different languages?

Mum thought it was an interesting question.

Speaking of dogs from Spain, I met this woman recently who was walking her dog. She told me her dog used to live in Spain and she's adopted him. The dog acted like any other dog: she wagged her tail and even licked my hand. She didn't bark but if she had I'm sure she wouldn't have barked in Spanish.

On the bus today, I heard this man chatting on his mobile phone and he burst out laughing.  His laughter was so infectious, it made me smile.

Aha!  Laughter is one way humans communicate in the same way. When a human laughs you know they are either happy or find something amusing.

People also smile to express happiness or friendship.

Crying is universal which can signify that someone is either upset about something or overwhelmed with emotions.

I reckon if we all communicated in smiles and laughter, there will be no more wars and everyone will be peaceful and at ease.

I don't speak other languages but I do speak laughter and smiles. :-D


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