Thursday, 11 September 2014

Why I Believe in Mind Melds

Spock mind melding with Scotty in "Spectre of the Gun."

In the sci-fi Star Trek episode Spectre of the Gun, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty and Chekov beam down to this particular planet even though the inhabitants have warned them not to. The aliens create a town based on 19th century Arizona and imprison them.

Chekov gets involved in a situation and is shot dead. The others realise that the only way they can be free from that illusion is to take part in a gunfight. They try to get out of it but each time they escape they find themselves back in the fictitious town.

Spock, who is half Vulcan, knows he will survive the gunfight because he knows the bullets are unreal, but he needs to convince Scotty, McCoy and Kirk to share his belief. McCoy doesn't think that is possible as they are humans and humans can't be 100% certain about anything. Kirk orders Spock to have a mind meld with each of them individually i.e. share his thoughts and beliefs with each individual so that they are one.

This is what Spock says during his mind meld.
"The bullets are unreal. Without body. They are illusions only. Shadows without substance. They will not pass through your body, for they do not exist." Spectre of the Gun, Transcript
Now that their minds are now one i.e. they share the same beliefs, during the gunfight, the bullets pass right through them and they are unharmed. At the end of the episode, Chekov comes back to life and he doesn't recall his death. He simply thought he was dreaming.

I believe the Vulcan mind meld is the equivalent of joining with God/Creator. In other words, reminding yourself with various techniques such as affirmations, prayers and meditation that your mind is one with God. Then all that God is (or you believe He is), you are.

I believe to survive in this world with its many false beliefs, it is important to mind meld with God. Not only are you protected from the many beliefs, you are experiencing a different reality to the masses. Some people might even think you are an alien.

It is because of my mind meld that I have can recover from illnesses without taking medication. I have found that my mind melding experiences are never permanent. As long as I'm sharing this reality with others who don't share my beliefs, I have to be constantly mind melding with God. In fact, I have to mind meld every day.

Time for another mind meld.