Sunday, 7 September 2014


When the earphones that came with my smartphone stopped working after a few months, I replaced them with some cheap earphones I got from a discount store. They actually lasted longer than the ones that came with my smartphone.

Two days ago, I bought another cheap pair. Today, while I was using them to catch up on a TV programme, they stopped working. I know they are only a Pound but they could have lasted longer than two days! Unfortunately, I couldn’t take then back as I'd thrown away the receipt. As I believe everything is alive with God's intelligence, I commanded the earphones to work, but not a peep came out of them. I reckon they were either asleep or ignoring me. I resigned myself to getting new ones and pray they last longer than two days.

After I finished watching the TV show on my phone, I felt like watching the music video for the song, "Survivor" by Destiny's Child. Wouldn't it be lovely if the earphones would WORK HARDER like in the song? I had an idea to send light to the earphones. With the earphones in my left hand, I projected light to them with my right and repeated WORK in my thoughts. I then connected the earphones and they worked perfectly.

I had another idea. I took out the old earphones that had come with my smartphone, projected light to them and commanded them to work. They came back to life though they were a bit groggy. At least I know how to wake them up fully when I'm ready to use them.

Light makes life work.


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